Sunday, 4 August 2013

Scott Johnson Feature

~~~ The WoW Podcast Quotes Feature ~~~


~ Scott Johnson ~ The Instance ~

Some would consider The Instance, hosted by Scott Johnson, the greatest podcast of all time.  In my opinion, and to use Scott's own words, they would not be wrong by saying that.  Having only really followed Scott for the past 2 or 3 years, I came to realize very quickly how much of a great podcaster he is and how much history he has in podcasting itself, but more specifically the influence and foundation he has created for the World of Warcraft community.   

As with most things you discover on the internet, I stumbled upon this podcast through other avenues.  After first seeing Scott on the documentary called "The Race to World First" back in 2011, I was interested to know what his show was all about.  The way Scott described what he saw in this amazing game we all play and how broad a range he put on his feelings of what this game means, I knew I wanted to listen to this guy some more.  The Instance was my new weekly go to for podcasts on the internet.

From production value, interesting discussions and funny off topic banter, The Instance hits the feel and passion Blizzard fans look for in their shows.  The entertainment value of The Instance is bar none.  Scott also has the ability to look at issues with a fair and balanced approach but never shying away from showing how much he loves, appreciates and cares for this game and it's community.  

Looking at his Wikipedia page, you understand how long Scott has been "in the game".  Scott is one of the grand father's of all podcasting which began with "Extra Life Radio" and continues now with "The Morning Stream" and a plethora of other podcasts.  Even The Instance itself started at the very beginning of the World of Warcraft phenomenon.  This was a time when podcasts were only being downloaded as MP3 files and word of mouth was the driving force behind download numbers.  Talk about a niche market.  With the advent of RSS feeds and later iTunes, The Instance shot to fame overnight.  Rumor has it, the show is downloaded up to 100,000 times per week nowadays on average.  

Scott is joined, on The Instance, by 2 amazing co-hosts, Mark "The Turpster" Turpin and William "Dills" Gregory.  The show has recently surpassed 300 episodes and considering it's a once a week show, that's over 5 years worth of World of Warcraft podcasting.  You can find the show usually recording live every Friday morning around 10am Mountain Time (the only time zone that matters), at or

To celebrate 300 episodes in WoW Podcasting, for his masterpiece show, The Instance, we salut you..... Scott Johnson!

Friday, 2 August 2013


Fortune Cookie Say..."A Druid that tanks without socks is... barefoot."

- @The_Koltrane with a solid F.C. which evoked a rare slow clap from @Bored_Mind #episode105 @ConverttoRaid

This Week in Blizz

As they imagine a Starcraft record of 93-4, in reference to a WoW Arena teams' sick record... "Who beat Jesus 4 times!?! .....Flash"

- @ThisWeekInBlizz with @GarrettArt @KyleFergusson @PixelGarbage!


"If you two don't get along I'm going to turn this podcast around!"

- @TwizzTE about #brattykids @TankThatReb @Willy_Foss messin around @TwizzCast


"That one is measured in terribads!!."

- @PatKrane about a particularly horrible Fortune Cookie #episode101 @ConverttoRaid

World of Warcast

"I got 99 mounts and a Bloodwing ain't one."

- @StarMike on the latest @worldofwarcast #episode147 


"Fel Reavers make my butt tighten up."

- +Stompalina Jenkins describing a very specific feeling those Outland monsters gave her back in the day.  #episode200 Gratz to @Rawrcast


"The Thunder Isle is keeping me down."

- Pun not intended but it is accurate.  Jason from +Jason Zimmerman WoWphiles is missing his flying mount.  #episode86

Monday, 17 June 2013


"Some days, you're the bug, some days, you're the windshield."

- Deep Thoughts by Jack Han.. oh wrong show... what a great @TwizzTE quip!

CtR - Ep93

"I raided on toons and stuff."

- @The_Solarflair's amazing best ever "my week in wow" answer.  Convert to Raid Episode#93 .

CtR - Ep93

"Solarflair, the man with more 90's than a nursing home"

- @Converttoraid chatroom dropped a funny bomb.  Episode#93.

CtR - Ep93

Fortune Cookie says... "The best way to get a Hunter drunk is to Multi-Shot!"

-An 11/10 Fortune Cookie! @The_Koltrane at it again on @Converttoraid Episode#93 .


"I made @AngryOrc1 look like Mr. Rogers!"

- @TwizzTE on TwizzCast.  Exact context and episode number lost, but this one is best that way!

CtR - Ep91


- Well, it did make me crack up! @The_Koltrane's Fortune Cookie punchline CtR Episode#91. 
Some may WILL disagree

DMH - Ep49

"I'm really digging all the ways you can farm!"

- A great (?) pun from @Apsana went completely unnoticed!  @darkmoonherald Episode #49 .

HFL - Ep69

"...from the EGO Networks studio, better know as a CRZ-free podcast zone."

- Rich never hides his true feelings on Horde for Life @HFLPodcast Episode #69 .

Friday, 5 April 2013


"The Butt Theory"

- @TaurenThinkTank Jules and Rem name new theorycrafting transmogrification in episode 44 .

CtR - Ep85

"Mage who plays Warlock is dead to me."

- @The_Koltrane concealed this fortune cookie, @PatKrane actually liked that one!


"What's aggro??"

- @Rem_Mama honest question on the new segment "Ask Mama Rem" on TaurenThinkTank

CtR's @The_Koltrane & @The_Solarflair

"And you're giving me crap about Neverland!?!"

- @The_Koltrane and @The_Solarflair full of witty banter on Episode 84.